Battleground strategy

Maximizing tender success by taking control and steering outcomes


In recent years, cost containment has become an increasing focus in the healthcare industry for both payers and providers. Manufacturers now frequently encounter professional buying entities, including group purchasing organizations and government or privately facilitated regional purchasing groups.

Tenders have become a key lever in this regard and are almost standard practice in a variety of therapeutic settings. With narrowing innovation gaps, products’ clinical value differentiation is coming under closer scrutiny. Offerings are being debundled and considered in isolation, resulting in cherry-picking and restrictions for premium products as well as increased transparency on price across customers and markets.

In order to ensure profitable growth in the tender battleground, medtech players need to approach tender management diligently, proactively, and comprehensively. Tender excellence enables manufactures to take control early on in shaping tenders and ultimately leads to more successful tender outcomes. This webinar, hosted by Simon-Kucher & Partners, will focus on the key pillars for achieving tender excellence at medtech companies. Our tender management experts will:

  • Outline how the healthcare tender landscape is evolving, with a focus on suppliers’ challenges
  • Introduce the key elements of tender excellence
  • Share general concepts and best practices from example cases

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