COVID-19: Adjusting to the new normal

Future proofing your sales operating model - Livestreamed session
09:00 - 10:00 a.m. CET


Many B2B firms have been severely affected by COVID-19 due to the sudden demand collapse. For many, the effects from slowed demand have been further compounded by the inability of sales to physically meet with customers. Firms have had to quickly adapt to remote selling to keep the sales engine going, a transition that has not been easy.

However, the current challenges posed by COVID-19 also represents a unique opportunity to future-proof the current B2B sales operating model, by levering new digital capabilities to serve customers better across both offline and online.

Join us on May 19th from 09:00-10:00 CET to learn more about what B2B firms can do to future proof the sales operating model:

  • How to manage the current challenges
  • How to manage offline and online
  • How to plan for the future

The event is a solely livestreamed session – Once registered for the event, you will receive a link for the session. The event is free of charge.

Why attend?

As the world’s number one Topline consultancy, Simon-Kucher has helped firms to optimize topline growth within hundreds of businesses across a broad range of industries.

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