Back to growth for Travel and Leisure: A roadmap to navigate the new normal

3:00 PM CEST/9:00 AM EDT


The pandemic triggered by COVID-19 has caused an unprecedented crisis in the travel and leisure industry. As countries are gradually easing lockdown measures, key commercial decisions are required to help you restart and adjust your go-to-market model. This webinar provides a clear set of short term initiatives to restart your business, as well as prepare you to navigate the new normal. Key questions addressed include:

  • How can you assess the impact of the crisis on your demand and go-to-market model?
  • How have customer perceptions, needs and priorities changed as a result of the pandemic?
  • How do you steer your business during the resurgent crisis?
  • What are key commercial topics to assess and strategise when restarting your business?
  • How can you revamp your business in a more commercially agile manner by revisiting your go-to-market model in terms of product, pricing, marketing, channel management and sales optimization?

Join us in this webinar, where we will provide clear and practical tips for travel and leisure companies to restart and get back to revenue as quickly as possible.

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