The Pricing Forum 2020

Monetisation Through Uncertain Times
10:00 - 13:45
Virtual Forum


The Pricing Forum 2020


Join us for The Pricing Forum 2020!

This year The Pricing Forum is going Virtual! Join us on November 5th for our new format virtual conference; Monetisation through Uncertainty.

​Monetisation, digitalisation, innovation... these are the buzz-words we hear every day, but what do they really mean, and how can you apply them to your business in the pursuit of commercial excellence and topline growth?

 Join us at The Pricing Forum 2020 to: 

  • Polish your core pricing skills in our Pricing 101 Training, a must for pricing practitioners and those working in a pricing-related role or function.
  • Listen to the Simon-Kucher Exerts in our Quick Fire sessions as they discuss a variety of topics from Sales Effectiveness to Personalisation and Loyalty Schemes.
  • Gain exclusive insights from a wide selection of industry experts while they share best practices and their learnings from 2020 in our Panel.
  • Talk to the experts in our 1-to-1 Clinics and receive tailored consultation on strategy, marketing, pricing, or sales matters.

Who should attend

The Pricing Forum is for executive leadership, senior management and pricing practitioners looking to network with peers, learn new skills and gain insights about the latest trends for commercial excellence. If you are in a role that requires pricing, strategy, marketing, finance, product, or sales decision making, this is a great event for you to attend.

Participation is relevant for practitioners at all levels and from all industries, including: 

  • ​Chief Executives 
  • Finance Executives
  • Marketing Executives 
  • Sales Executives
  • Pricing Professionals 
  • Product Management Executives

Why you should attend

​​As a recent Management Consultancies Association Award winner and gold medal recipient in ‘Marketing, Branding & Pricing’ in The Financial Times’ UK Leading Management Consultants report, Simon-Kucher are the recognised experts in our field.