Logistics & Distribution
Transportation & Logistics

Company Profile

  • Logistics provider with global footprint
  • Clear focus on special/ultra-high-speed delivery; time-critical tailor-made shipments (asset-light) serving integrators and direct industry customers
  • €80m revenue p.a.
  • Partly owned by private equity fund

Situation and Objectives

  • Significant slowdown in revenue growth after years of successful internationalization
  • Capabilities and proactive motivation of sales force as well as excellence of sales processes under scrutiny
  • Despite an overall premium price positioning, price erosions were starting to have a noticeable effect
  • Shareholders request significant EBITDA increases despite unclear economic conditions
  • Objective: Prepare sales organization for EBITDA growth and take them to the next level


  • Assessed current sales capability from all angles
  • Identified best practices and improvement potential
  • Developed tailor-made solutions to improve sales capabilities
  • Pushed ”quick wins” in sales and initiated roll-out

Four TOP initiatives plus "Quick wins" selected and elaborated


  • Detailed understanding of sales strengths and weaknesses
  • Four top initiatives plus "quick wins" selected and elaborated on: Reallocation of sales rep, account development plans and hunting list, sales incentives and sales and pricing alignment
  • Aligned roadmap and action plan for all other initiatives


  • Roll-out over the next 12 months
  • Higher sales force satisfaction
  • More efficient sales force, better hit rates, and overall smoother process