Performance Management in the Post Wells Fargo Era



How should banks go about achieving sustainable high performance without compromising ethical and business standards? In this webinar we discuss the seven components of an effective performance system including clarity on processes and results, fairly determined performance expectations, goal setting processes that balance top down and bottom up considerations, realistic talent sourcing and development, reward and incentive structures that align with goals, and performance monitoring that provide current and forward-looking measures. We discuss the hard and soft processes that influence how an organization sets goals, pursues them, and rewards employees for achievement.

  • Understand the non-monetary rewards (and penalties) that motivate behaviors
  • Overcome inertia and understand how high-performance organizations are able to combat inertia, to zero in quickly to isolate and contain areas of weakness, and make changes when needed
  • Align talent acquisition with corporate goals, and understand how human resources’ hiring and recruiting strategies can impact ethical and business standards

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