New Job, New Country, New Chapter: Consultant Florian’s Lockdown Journey

July 02, 2021

Florian Faucher

Six months ago, while Europe was still in lockdown, Florian Faucher started a new job at Simon-Kucher in a new country. Working as a consultant in our Brussels office, Florian reflects on his achievements, his supportive team, and what he looks forward to as COVID-19 regulations in Europe begin to ease. 

Tell us about your first 4 months as Senior Consultant in our Brussels office

The first four months started with my move to Brussels, which the team was extremely supportive of. I participated in the STEPS training (Strategic Training for Employee Professional Success), as well, which was an amazing experience. After that, I quickly got to meet some people from the office. We had an introductory breakfast, which I thought was a nice touch. I started working on my first project in a four person team – one senior consultant, two consultants, and a partner. That first project gave me the feel of how the company works and how we deliver projects. It was great because people were understanding of my situation. Not only was I new to the company during lockdown, but I was also new to the country. It was a lot at once, but everyone was really supportive throughout. I finished that project recently, and am now working on my second. The first four months were very busy, super interesting, but also difficult. It was definitely a challenge to get to grips with Simon-Kucher’s guidelines and procedures, while also learning to work with a team remotely. However, I’m now gaining confidence and feel more at ease in my work. I feel comfortable, and that is largely due to the support the team and the company have given me throughout this time.  

What’s been your favorite achievement so far?

I think it was the closing meeting of my first project. I joined this project once it had already started so I didn’t have all the background knowledge, or know any methodologies we were using. The beginning of the project was tough for that reason, but I had a lot of support from my team. For example, the partner in charge of the project encouraged me to take responsibility in client meetings early on, and I’m sure I made mistakes, but the other consultants were there to help me, too. I gained confidence as the project progressed. By the closing meeting, I was leading it. It was extremely successful, and we received great positive feedback from the client. It’s a team achievement, of course, but to me it shows the potential of what we do, and how impactful our work is, which is why I joined Simon-Kucher in the first place. That’s why this achievement means so much.

What are you looking forward to?

I’m looking forward to the summer event with the team, where I hope to meet everyone from the office in Brussels. I’m also hoping that the World Meeting will take place next year, as I missed it last year. It would be wonderful for us all to get together and meet in person. I would especially like to meet the colleagues I’ve already virtually interacted with from our other offices, such as Italy and Germany. Part of the reason why I joined Simon-Kucher was for the people, so the social aspect is extremely important to me. Of course, I look forward to more projects ahead, and I’m excited by the quality of work here at Simon-Kucher, but being with people is what I’m most looking forward to since that is what’s most missing for me today.

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