Lynn Guinn

Global Strategic Pricing Leader, Commercial Excellence COE, Food Ingredients & Bio-Industrial (FIBI), Cargill

Lynn Guinn is the Global Strategic Pricing Leader at Cargill where he leads the food ingredients and bio industrial enterprise (24 businesses) global strategic pricing team to maximize profitability. He has held various leadership and operational roles while are Cargill including, Finance, Plant Operations, International Operations, Procurement, Sales, Strategy and Pricing in multiple business and Enterprises over 25 years throughout North and South America.

Guinn also drives profitability and posses’ practical commercial application of process and systems in the area of competitive intelligence, strategy, systems, supply and demand, pricing, advanced analytics and statics in core food and industrial processing & manufacturing industries that dramatically improve profitability. He excels as a proved Business and Strategic Pricing Leader that inspires the best of the teams he leads and works with on long term projects through daily commercial operations across the globe.

Guinn has earned degrees in Finance and Accounting with focus on Agriculture Business and Economics.