Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • German regional bank with >50% market share in its region

Situation and Objectives

  • Increase margins in a competitive environment with aggressive price wars
  • Keep or even extend market share at the same time
  • Shift focus from interest rates to value of products, advice and services, and increase cross-selling


  • Approach consists of three steps: 1. A smart price anchor as a lock-in-step, 2. An up-selling step using flexibility modules, 3. A cross-selling step using a security module

Holistic modular Sales Tool


  • Developed a modular price/product/sales approach
  • Implemented concept with a digital sales tool, leading the sales force all the way through the process
  • Embedded sales tool into existing sales process infrastructure


  • 25 bp margin increase
  • 60% of customers buy additional packages
  • 30% volume increase