Consumer & Retail
Consumer Products

Company Profile

  • US$4bn company annual revenue
  • Global cosmetics brand
  • Complex portfolio with frequent seasonal renovations as well as innovation launches
  • Vastly different share and price positioning across markets

Situation and Objectives

  • Define a global pricing strategy framework that takes into account both single market peculiarities and global company strategy
  • Move away from cost-plus pricing and better incorporate consumers’ needs and willingness-to-pay into pricing approach
  • Design global launch prices for pilot category


  • Existing data
  • Institutional knowledge
  • Sales feedback
  • Voice-of-consumer research


  • Alignment across regions on one global new product pricing framework
  • Defined global consumer segments with deep understanding of needs and willingness-to-pay
  • Recommended launch prices across regions and markets
  • 3-year roadmap to layout timing for price, product and packaging changes


  • Buy-in across regions and functions
  • 5-7% retail revenue growth