Automotive Breakfast Club

EV Commercial Compass – Marketing and Sales
08:30 a.m. CET


This second EV Commercial Compass session addresses a selection of marketing and sales topics that have been on industry executives’ radar for a long time. We will focus on the following three areas:

EV sales model

  • Main channel preferences
  • EV go-to-market and the rise of online sales
  • B2B landscape changes in the wake of electrification

EV charging

  • Challenges for energy providers and relevance of EV charging for their business
  • Trends in public and at-home charging infrastructure
  • Electricity price fluctuation – the underestimated challenge

EV wonderland China

  • Polarized market structure: Chinese brands dominate the low end and are challenging the high end
  • Chinese EV makers are more digital, customer-oriented in every aspect along customer journey than their European counterparts
  • Chinese charging strategies – blueprint for Europe? (Battery swap, on-call valet charging, mobile charging…)


As usual, the session will be structured as follows:

  • Simon-Kucher presentation (30 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)


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