Lead Conversion – 5 levers to increase your chances of closing B2B deals

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


Too often promising leads do not get closed. B2B companies know this story too well. The sales process drags on forever. The lead goes cold. The prospect decides on a competitor.

Simon-Kucher researched what best-in-class B2B companies do to shorten sales cycles and increase close rates.

  • What do top closers do differently?
  • Are there observable differences in value articulation, objection handling or the application of selling techniques?
  • Is their persuasion strategy different?
  • Or is it driven more by product quality, positioning and price?

In this session we will explore key insights from our research and project database across industry verticals. Using findings from surveys and past projects we will explore the levers that best-in-class B2B companies use to up their lead conversion. We will discuss improvements with regard to product strength, price communication, sales process, and value articulation.

Join Simon-Kucher's webinar to learn the five concrete ways how best in class B2B companies increase lead conversion, accelerate growth and outperform the competition.

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