Pleased to meet you: 24 new Simon-Kucher Partners

February 02, 2022

New Partners

We continue to grow globally! And in line with this growth, 24 new Partners from 11 different countries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia-Pacific will start their roles in 2022. This brings the number of Simon-Kucher Partners worldwide to over 150. Read on to find out what enabled our “Newbies” to achieve their freshly appointed role:


Carsten Mangels

Carsten joined Simon-Kucher in 2016 after graduating from university and has been part of the Insurance practice ever since.

“What helped me become a Partner were the fantastic project-teams and leadership within the insurance practice”.

Clara Soppo Priso

Clara has spent the past eight years growing our CG&R business in the French market. Her project work mainly focuses on food retail.

“I could make it because I have always been able to rely on people from various circles to draw positive energy and inspiration from. This achievement is especially thanks to my colleagues: my teams and mentor partners.”


Julian Weidle

Julian has been part of our Technology & Industrials practice since he started and is excited to grow the business with our clients in the top-line space.

“The team here at Simon-Kucher is awesome: From project teams and service departments, without whom state-of-the-art project delivery would not be possible, all the way to great mentors.”

Kaan-Fabian Kekec

Kaan-Fabian joined our Life Sciences division in 2012; these days, his project work focuses on the healthcare B2B industry and commercial excellence programs for healthtech companies.

“My path to becoming a Partner was made possible thanks to my super reliable team within our Healthtech cluster. Great Partners, colleagues, and friends sharing the same passion and vision during project delivery and business development.”


Kiran Pudi

Kiran has more than 15 years’ experience in top-line and strategy consulting, with a deep focus on B2B industries, including chemicals, industrials, logistics, and steel. He has deep expertise and experience in developing B2B dynamic pricing and ML based pricing models.

“What helped me most to become a Partner was the great collaboration within our global teams.”

Kristin Harris

Kristin is part of our Software, Internet, and Media team in the US, based out of Chicago.

“I have been extremely fortunate with the clients I’ve been able to serve, but honestly it’s ‘taken a village’ of my friends and mentors at Simon-Kucher to help me serve those clients. ‘Team’ means everything to me at Simon-Kucher, and I'm grateful that mine provided so much support, comfort, and guidance on my path to Partner.”


Markus Mayer

Markus joined Simon-Kucher over 11 years ago and is now excited to become a part of the Chemicals & Construction Partner team.

“In my opinion, the magic formula of becoming a Partner combines enjoying your work, taking pride in continuously improving the solutions to the commercial challenges of our customers, and working together in a great team. I was fortunate to experience all these ingredients at Simon-Kucher – reassuring me that this is the company I want to grow old with.”

Michael Keller

Michael is very excited to continue working with our great Life Sciences healthtech team, where he focuses on developing Simon-Kucher’s services for our diagnostics clients.

“I was only able to become a Partner due to our outstanding teamwork and support, both enabling me to deliver outstanding client work.”


Michelle Verwest

Michelle has been with Simon-Kucher for seven years, and focuses in her project work on internet and eCommerce.

“The biggest factor enabling me to this career step have been my Partner mentor(s).”

Mitchell Taylor

Mitchell is excited to join the partnership in our Sydney office, where he specializes in Consumer Goods, Restaurants, and Retail.

“It’s been our ability to work as such strong teams that’s helped me on my path to Partnership.”


Peter Speltincx

Peter joined Simon-Kucher in October 2019 as a senior hire, building on more than 20 years of consulting and industry experience with a clear focus on fast-moving consumer goods.

“Enabling me to become Partner was the combination of my consumer goods industry expertise, and the great delivery power and excellence of the Simon-Kucher consultants I have the privilege to work with.”

Philipp Kaupke

Philipp is a member of our Financial Services (banking and insurance) practice in Switzerland.

“I achieved my position as a Partner by being able to work with a great team of people who supported, challenged, and also mentored me along the way (and still do).”


Rainer Opgen-Rhein

Rainer is part of our Life Sciences division, and his projects generally focus on advanced analytics and digitalization, but he’s currently heavily involved in international reference pricing projects.

“The support from the other Partners and from my colleagues in the Life Sciences Division were a huge factor that paved my way to becoming Partner.”

Ruben de Lange

Ruben joined Simon-Kucher six years ago and has now become a new Partner in our Amsterdam office.

“Focus and collaboration in both expertise and business development were key to get me to where I am today.”


Sebastien Verrot

Sebastien started his career on the operational efficiency side of consulting, mainly in the aerospace and oil/gas industries, and is now focused on developing our T&I practice in France.

“Me becoming a Partner was made possible by the strong support from the team in Paris and my mentoring Partners.”

Steffen Bretzger

Steffen, based in our Frankfurt office, is very excited to become the first Partner fully dedicated to wholesale and mobility infrastructure.

“Great teams and mentors always ready to share their know-how – those were the ingredients that empowered me to become Partner.”


Steffen Ulitzka

Steffen’s project work focuses on optimizing product, prices, and (digital) sales strategies in the sector of retail and business banking/regional banking in Germany/DACH.

“A key success factor for becoming Partner was – for me – the early chance to take responsibility, both regarding content as well as team leadership, while being part of and supported by a set of great colleagues and superiors.”

Teddy Mann

Teddy is our first Brazilian Partner and therefore dedicated to grow our São Paulo office.

“What I feel when I reflect on becoming a Simon-Kucher Partner? Gratitude. Gratitude for the other Partners’ support, for team collaboration, for all things I’m learning, and for God, for the opportunity to surpass myself.”


Winnie Ong

Winnie joined Simon-Kucher in 2012 as one of the first local employees of our Singapore office. She is looking forward to drive our growth in Asia, particularly in the TMT sector.

“I only managed to become a Partner because of the strong support from the teams across all levels!”

Xi Bing Ang

Xi Bing has been with Simon-Kucher since 2014, starting out in our New York office and then moving to our London team. He specializes in pricing and growth topics for B2B software, data and technology companies.

“Understanding that consulting is a team game, at all levels, was key towards becoming a Partner.”


Apart from our Simon-Kucher colleagues rising up the ranks, four experienced additions are joining the Partner group as well as our company to add exciting fresh perspectives:


Christoph Stegmeier

Christoph is a Senior Partner in our Global Banking practice and based in the Munich office.

“To become a Partner, you have to do your own thing and believe in it wholeheartedly. Learn from the success of others, take their guidance, but don’t just copy and paste what they do. Everyone is different, and so is their path to Partnership.”

Michael Kaesser

Michael is Partner in our Global Telco and Energy practice and specializes in shaping the future energy retail business.

“On my path to becoming a partner, what helped me the most was putting my entrepreneurial and forward-looking attitude into action and tapping into my excellent client network.”


Stefan Söderström

Stefan is a Partner in Helsinki, Managing Partner of the Helsinki office, and a member of the Nordic leadership team.

“Based on my experiences over the past decade in top-tier consulting, I find that investing in developing communication skills has had a major pay-back in terms of career progression. Having the ability to communicate concisely, effectively, and credibly to internal and external stakeholders is a trait that yields great results throughout time.”

Tobias Hartz

Tobias is Partner in our Berlin office and will lead the Transaction Services team in Central, Northern, and Eastern Europe.

“Becoming a Partner means being able to continuously deliver work of the highest quality. You have to balance the demands of your clients, team, and family, while keeping your own needs in mind. An imbalance in one of these areas affects all the others.”


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