Healthcare & Life Sciences

Company Profile

  • Leading German Consumer Healthcare company
  • Broad portfolio of branded and generic OTC products
  • Clear focus on the pharmacy channel

Situation and Objectives

  • Successful branded CHC manufacturer with strong growth in the past
  • Ambitious growth targets going forward
  • Risk of being stuck in the middle: Attacked by low price competitors but unable to compete with premium brands
  • Strategic plan for coming years developed, but high uncertainty/lack of detailed analysis in key strategy areas


  • Analyze trends, winning strategies and key internal competencies
  • Use "Multi-brand assessment framework" to analyze if a multi-brand strategy is commercially viable in the short- or long-term
  • Simulate different multi-brand scenarios (for selected OTC areas) and compare to base case ("as-is“ strategy)
  • Sensitivity analysis to understand impact of key parameters
  • Develop high-level "go-to-market" approach for second brand

Framework to assess multi-brand viability (key market drivers)


  • Recommendations on important market trends to consider going forward and how to leverage winning strategies from other companies
  • Identified strategy areas that need to be prioritized and/or adapted
  • Clear multi-brand strategy recommendation


  • Expected +13% (>5M €) incremental multi-brand profit for years 2019-2020 compared to base case