COVID-19 Commercial Response Strategy

Livestream hosted by Simon-Kucher Amsterdam


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We are living in a turbulent time as COVID-19 spreads around the globe and severely affects our daily lives.

In business this poses unique challenges with a mobility freeze, radically changing customer behavior and acute demand collapses.

In particular in these times our role as business leaders is to look ahead and initiate measures to keep our companies on track.  This requires leaders to look beyond cost-cutting measures and do whatever possible to protect revenues and profit, whilst maintaining a long term view.

This has led us to host a Livestream webinar with the topic: “Commercial Response to COVID-19”.  The event will be held on Thursday April 9th from 9:00-10:00.

At the event we will present Simon-Kucher insights and actionable recommendations on commercial measures you can take in response to the crisis caused by COVID-19, including answers on:

  • How to adjust commercial cost and plan for multiple scenarios?
  • How to stay close to your customers and protect revenue?
  • How to implement smart pricing and protect margins?
  • How to revise your commercial model and realign resources?
  • How to prepare for the eventual recovery?

This livestream is free of charge. To register, please click the registration button above. For questions, please refer to

We look forward to hosting you on April 9th.  

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