Optimize and Reinvent the Promotion Playbook to Maximize ROI

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Retailers rely heavily on promotions as a powerful instrument to increase sales, yet often lack a strategic approach as well as robust analytics to ensure they are used effectively. In many cases, the promotion playbook is based on historical legacy and has the potential to be entirely reinvented to meet overarching corporate objectives.

When not used carefully, promotions can cause customers to become overly reliant on them causing brand erosion. As a result, it becomes increasingly difficult to trigger purchases without promotions resulting in brand erosion.

In this webinar, Simon-Kucher’s David Vidal, Partner, Paris and Mitchell Taylor, Senior Director, Sydney will share best-in-class promotional methodologies and approaches such as:

  • How to “reinvent” promotional strategies by capitalizing on "must-have" events and simultaneously disrupting the status quo with innovative, breakthrough practices
  • How to optimize promotional effectiveness through data-driven performance and ROI analytics
  • How to implement and institutionalize the Promotion Playbook

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