What Has Changed (And What Hasn’t) within Industrials Sales – Lessons on the New Normal

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


Even in the best of times, Industrial Selling Teams were confronted transformations in the market. The events of COVID-19 created even greater challenges to an industry which had long-standing practices and selling motions. The complexity of the Industrial selling market has continued to increase as organizations offer more products and services, along with delivering these offerings in non-traditional methods. Driving success in the Industrial Selling Market requires a blend of traditional success integrated with new ways of selling.

This webinar will focus on several key areas of Industrial Sales, including setting up overall go-to-market strategies, managing territory design, managing and identifying potential changes in key selling roles, and setting up reward structures aligning to desirable strategic outcomes.

Join Simon-Kucher’s webinar to learn more about how you can setup your Industrial Sales teams for success in 2022!

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