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It’s no question that most companies are facing one of two COVID-related challenges: how to survive or how to thrive. Regardless of the road ahead, one key question remains at the forefront: What is the most effective way to quickly meet new and evolving consumer demand and expectations during this time?

The coronavirus pandemic is challenging traditional notions of what is essential and what is discretionary from a world that must be experienced virtually or with strict social distancing practices. You must be able to identify early, adapt quickly and iterate effectively to maintain customer engagement, satisfaction and relevance in this rapidly changing consumer landscape.

We believe developing an “Agile Commercial Design Capability” is the answer to maintaining flexibility, adaptability and effectiveness across your COVID customer ecosystem.

Do you understand how your customers would prioritize features, products, services and experiences in this ‘stay-at-home’ world, or how to capitalize on new and evolved demand being generated? Most importantly, how will you monetize interim and post-vaccine solutions and services? Some critical questions that Agile Design can help address are:

  • What are the shifting and unmet needs and value drivers that will emerge across key customer and market segments?
  • How does social distancing impact the way you sell your product? How it is consumed? And how can you monetize the evolving demand for hygiene and space?
  • How can you engage customers and create demand during the crisis to overcome inactivity and avoid postponed purchasing decisions?
  • What can you not do anymore? How can you evolve or replace products and services the market now deems ineligible or irrelevant?
  • Does the current digital customer experience and distribution channels need to evolve to meet new consumption methods?
  • Is there a new business model that is now viable in the market? How can your infrastructure, assets and resources adapt?

The greater the agility, the greater the ability to minimize or defuse stress on consumers and lost revenue. Take advantage of evolving opportunities within the customer ecosystem through a mastery of Agile Design.

Join us in our webinar, where we will explore how an “Agile Commercial Design Capability” can enable your organization to rapidly re-design the customer offer and value-proposition in the face of constant change.

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