Automotive Breakfast Club

OEM at Forced March Towards Digital Sales
08:30 AM (CEST)


Purchasing behavior is changing profoundly as consumers are making more and more transactions online. To adapt to these new habits, car manufacturers are revising their distribution models. Looking beyond demand, original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) understand the benefit of engaging in a direct and digital sales relationship with their consumers to set high commercial standards. For example, OEMs have established systems that support them in launching proactive tailored marketing campaigns, putting in place savvy touchpoints, scaling up value-selling capabilities, and enforcing price consistency.

However, the pace at which OEMs are revamping their sales channels varies. Not surprisingly, those new to the industry are far more inclined to use a greenfield approach, i.e., an approach lacking constraints imposed by prior work, than established players who have large networks of franchise dealers they have worked with for decades.

This 30-minute webcast will include:

  • A brief look back at how automotive distribution networks have evolved over the past decade
  • Customer dissatisfaction and expected changes in automotive sales processes
  • Main distribution models currently used in Europe and how they are likely to evolve mid-term
  • Inspiring OEM online sales examples throughout the customer journey
  • Implications, opportunities, and threats for OEM dealers and consumers

The webcast will conclude with a 15-minute Q&A session

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