Lead Qualification and Funnel Acceleration for B2B Companies

11:00 am PT/2:00 pm ET


COVID-19 accelerated the shift of digital buying in the B2B world and there is no turning back.  The good news is that companies are acquiring prospect data in volumes never experienced before as a result.  The bad news is that not all companies are prepared to handle data quantity or quality and either get blinded by analysis paralysis or get caught focusing on the wrong prospects due to faulty prioritization practices.

In this session we’ll explore key digital lead qualification techniques that leading companies are employing with their influx of data to optimize mid-sales funnel activity.  This includes covering tools such as Simon-Kucher’s Peer Prospecting, AI-based CLTV segmentation and more.  Additionally we will discuss lead management governance best practices as you move from qualified lead to close.

Join Simon-Kucher’s webinar to learn more about how you can quickly prioritize your leads and drive conversion for higher value opportunities.

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