Travel and tourism are among the most competitive and dynamic industries. Online tools and mobile applications have given rise to a new era of disruptors:, Airbnb, Uber and others. Terrorism fears and the impact of the financial crisis on leisure spending are other key challenges for this industry today.

Simon-Kucher has a worldwide team focusing on leisure, tourism and travel, with over 3 decades experience in the industry. We help businesses constantly bring innovation to their product, marketing, price and proposition for strong top-line growth in this heavily competitive market. We deliver pragmatic solutions that are adaptable to changing market conditions. That ensures that our clients can nimbly adjust their strategies and ensure long-term growth.

Our projects for travel, tourism and leisure clients include:

  • Redesigning product architecture to be more tiered and differentiated, whether for airline fares, train fares, coach tickets or hotel room rates
  • Developing digital interfaces (web or mobile app) to maximize cross-selling and upselling through clever marketing and pricing based on buyer psychology
  • Designing revenue management strategies through revenue management tools, changing culture and organizations to maximize returns
  • Developing channel strategies to increase effectiveness of direct channels while optimizing usage of third-party channels such as aggregators
  • Optimizing promotional activities throughout the year, and using personalized information to better tailor promotions across the customer journey
  • Developing marketing effectiveness strategies