A Day in the Life of Senior Consultant Elaine Cheng in London

mai 27, 2022

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Highlighting the stories of our AAPI colleagues for Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, we are shining a spotlight on Senior Consultant Elaine Cheng from our San Francisco office who joined Simon-Kucher 3 years ago. She is currently taking part in the company’s global office rotation program in London, gathering new impressions and experiences. What does a typical day in Britain’s capital look like for her? Find out, as we spend the day with Elaine in beautiful London Town!


On days I commute to the office, I take the tube.

As someone rotating from San Francisco, it’s been a novel challenge to establish knowledge of a new transportation system and the different routes.

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Works starts around 9:00am.

I always have a morning check-in with my project team. Since my team is in the office, we are able to plan the day and work together in person, which allows for a lot more creative brainstorming and candid discussion apart from scheduled calls.

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I tend to grab lunch and eat with other colleagues in the office.

I like that we have a communal kitchen and dining space so I can chat with those whom I don’t always work with on a day-to-day basis. It’s also a great way to get to know others in the office, especially as a rotator.

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After work, I like to take a walk and explore the city by foot. The Tower Bridge area is always a lively spot with great views!

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I usually try to route my walk through one of the various outdoor markets in London.

Leadenhall Market is an especially beautiful marketplace near the place I live and I enjoy browsing the various shops and visiting the eateries within it.

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