Aishwarya Sukumar


Aishwarya is a consultant in the Life Sciences division of Simon-Kucher & Partners in Boston.

Her current work at Simon-Kucher & Partner is focused on launch pricing, market segmentation, early asset assessment, payer value perception, and market access strategy in different therapeutic areas including cardiology, immunology and oncology.

Prior to consulting, Aishwarya worked at a healthcare technology startup in global business strategy and marketing. Before that, she was a research fellow at the at Harvard Medical School, where her research focus was on early detection of rare alleles in cancer. Here, she specialized in drug development innovation and drug commercialization strategy, as a part of the Wyss Institute business development platform.

Aishwarya earned her M.Phil. in Pathology from the University of Cambridge, UK, and her M.S. in Biomedical Engineering from Carnegie Mellon University, where her research focus was in oncology and Parkinson’s disease.