Sven Wengler

Boston, USA

Sven Wengler is a Director at Simon-Kucher in Boston. Simon-Kucher is the world’s leading pricing consultancy and specializes on strategy, sales, marketing and pricing optimization. Sven is part of the global logistics & transportation competence center.

Sven has more than 9 years of consulting experience in the areas of strategy, pricing and sales. His consulting work focuses on the logistics and transportation industry, where he has conducted projects in all relevant sub-industries incl. trucking, ocean freight, air freight, rail freight, global forwarding, parcel, supply chain and warehousing. After 8 years of working in Germany, Sven is leading the logistics practice at Simon-Kucher in North America.

Prior to joining Simon-Kucher, he studied business administration at the University of Münster in Germany and Bond University in Queensland, Australia. Sven is the author of various logistics publications and a frequent speaker at logistics conferences in the US and in Europe. He also organizes Simon-Kucher’s annual Logistics Strategy Forum in the US.


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