Automotive Breakfast Club

Customer proximity in B2B
08:30 AM (CET)


Confronted to a series of lock-downs and social distancing measures for about a year, a majority of B2B sectors has been forced to rapidly upgrade digital sales capabilities and approaches. Interestingly, automotive suppliers have managed the situation relatively well, mainly due to the global dimension of the industry and the historically well established relationships with OEMs.

However, many suppliers are still struggling to truly professionalize the way their manage customer proximity and nurture relationships. Sales activities tend to be too reactive and primarily driven by customer activities (e.g. sending an RFQ). The profound changes at play in the industry exacerbate competition upstream in the value chain and make customer proximity, sales agility and commercial anticipation critical assets for future success.

 This webcast will address the following questions:

  • Customer proximity: How to move closer to customers and better understand their needs – despite the current challenges? How does a state-of­-the-art key account management process look like?
  • Pro-active sales approach: How to switch to pro-active sales? What are key levers prior to nomination, what should happen during the project?
  • CRM: How to support these activities with the right infrastructure? How to introduce/improve a CRM system successfully?


As usual, the session will be structured as follows:

  • Simon-Kucher presentation (30 minutes)
  • Q&A (15 minutes)

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