Monetizing Value Beyond the Core Product – Market Access for Connected Care and Digital Solutions - Webinar

04:00 PM CET


Join Dr. Gerald Schnell, Senior Partner, and Jan Bordon, Senior Director at Simon-Kucher & Partners, for a webinar on December 4th at 04:00 PM CET.

In this webinar, Dr. Gerald Schnell and Jan Bordon, Senior Partner and Senior Director of Simon-Kucher’s Life Sciences practice, will share their insights, expertise and best practices from the industry. Find out how companies achieved market access for their connected care and digital health solutions to monetize value beyond the core product.

Participants will learn:

  • Which countries are driving the funding of digital solutions in the EU?
  • What are key decision drivers from a payer perspective?
  • What key success factors can be derived from industry examples?

Join this webinar and get ready to access various funds with your connected digital solution!

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