Dr. Andreas von der Gathen

Chief Executive Officer

Andreas is CEO at Simon-Kucher & Partners. He was previously the global head of our company’s Consumer & Retail practice, conducting projects dealing with price and discount optimization, marketing and brand strategy development, and brand valuation. He has particularly focused on topics combining marketing and management control and has directly accompanied the implementation of new strategies at many client companies.

Before joining Simon-Kucher, Andreas studied economics and business administration at the University of Bochum, with a focus on auditing, management control, and marketing. After receiving his Master of Business Administration in economics, he worked as an academic assistant for the university’s Chair of Marketing. In addition to his work on brand valuation, he managed numerous reorganization and process optimization projects as well as projects to develop brand strategy (repositioning and introduction of brands). His PhD thesis on brand valuation in management control and auditing was awarded the Gebrüder-Deschauer Prize from the University of Bochum.

Andreas is a speaker at IIR Deutschland, Management Circle, and Management Forum and is the author of several books and articles. He has also taught management control at the private University of Applied Science for Economics and Management (FOM).