Leo D'Acierno

Senior Advisor

Leo D’Acierno is a Senior Advisor at Simon-Kucher

Leo specializes in helping companies innovate successfully and compete with agile new competitors. He has spent his career helping to revitalize businesses through smart strategy, sales and marketing redesign, strategic pricing and digital reinvention.

Leo led the pricing practice in financial services while he was at Bain and also has extensive experience in pricing for health care, software and services businesses.

Leo also served as the head of innovation and new markets and ran the sales and account management organization at Surescripts, the nation’s largest network for electronic prescribing and clinical patient information exchange.

Leo helped establish the registered investment advisor business for TD Ameritrade Leo has been a frequent speaker at industry conferences and a leader in financial services industry research, including collaboration with the Bank Administration Institute on studies of middle market banking and payment systems evolution. He has written extensively for American Banker, Commercial Lending Review, US Banker and BAI Banking Strategies.

Leo also serves as a board member and head of the development committee of the Abraham Path Initiative, an international organization founded at the Harvard Program on Negotiation and devoted to fostering cross-border understanding and cultural exchange in the Middle East and around the world through a network of hiking and walking trails in Egypt, Israel, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria and Turkey. He received his AB degree in history and economics from Harvard.