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The Global Pricing Study evaluates the pricing and growth strategies of companies across all industries worldwide. The unique study is the largest of its kind and each edition reveals valuable insights on hot pricing topics and trends, the competitive environment, and profit outlooks.

Global Pricing Study 2021: Are the wins of 2020 sustainable this year?

2020 was a unique and challenging year for many. In developing the 7th edition of our Global Pricing Study, we expected this to be reflected in the responses. But what we saw was quite a different story: the study revealed that many companies left 2020 in a better position than expected. Whether this success is sustainable is yet to be seen – changing economic and inflationary conditions could easily reverse these wins. The big question that remains is: How future-proof is your company’s commercial strategy?

Check out the highlights from our Global Pricing Study 2021 here!

Highlights from the Global Pricing Study: Trends over time

Pricing is and always has been the biggest profit driver. Results consistently highlight the levels of price pressure and involvement in price wars experience by many.

Price pressure experienced over the preceding years

Whilst the number of companies reporting increased price pressure has dropped over the years we’ve conducted the Global Pricing Study, the majority are still experiencing these effects year after year.

Price war involvement and responsibility

The number of companies reporting price war involvement has remained broadly similar throughout the last decade. However, following a spike in companies reporting deliberately initiating those price wars in 2019, this has now returned to more typical long-term levels

Insights from previous years

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