We are entering a period of a resurgent crisis, with volatile demand driven by a health and an economic crisis. Commercial agility is key, as advocated by our CEOs in the first edition of our webinar series.

Now, as most countries are gradually easing lockdown measures, key commercial decisions are required to help you restart and adjust your go-to-market model. This webinar deals with the question how to cope with the expected near- and long-term development of costs as supply chains and/or other external drivers change.

Selected hypothesis in this session include:

  • Cost development will be similar to previous crisis: expect costs to surge following the end of the recession. However, the magnitude of the increase will be likely higher than what we have ever seen.
  • This puts immense pressure on companies to pass on (as much as possible) of these additional costs to their customers in order to protect profits.
  • In this environment a market share driven approach will most likely not yield best results for shareholders since required liquidity for investments will be missing.
  • The clue is to pass on cost increases in a smart and differentiated way that does not jeopardize customer relations and considers willingness to pay.
  • At the same the crisis has fueled the need for further investments into digitalization and automatization putting pressure on cash flows.
  • Ultimately this leads to higher fixed yet lower average costs, which will be an imperative for a new and agile go-to-market model.

Join us in this webinar of our series, where we will help companies to understand the implications of their cost trends and show various success cases from different industries.

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