Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • Leading German regional bank
  • > €10bn in assets
  • ~ 500.000 private current accounts

Situation and Objectives

  • Increase revenue of current account business
  • Introduce maintenance fees while keeping churn rate low
  • Convince sales force to improve value selling (shift focus from price to value)

Value Selling Tool


  • Created a new, differentiated current account offering with significantly higher prices.
  • Introduced loyalty pricing elements to give customers the chance to keep their old price (or get an even lower price) when using more products (“emergency exits”).
  • Designed emotional, interactive web-based product configurator for (1) sales force in branches and (2) digital sales.
  • Bundled all basic banking products (debit cards, credit cards, overdraft facility) into one “basic banking solution” presented within the configurator.


  • 60% revenue increase from current accounts
  • Only 1,5% churn rate (mostly low value customers)
  • Satisfied sales force