Banking & Financial Institutions

Company Profile

  • Leading German regional bank
  • > €10bn total assets
  • > 50,000 custody accounts

Situation and Objectives

  • Decrease churn rate, especially for younger customers
  • Develop competitive online brokerage offering
  • Reduce special conditions across all customer groups


  • Using findings from behavioral economics, we differentiated the offer into a basic, a comfort and a premium package
  • Clear value communication makes selection of the right package easier
  • Combining product / portfolio design knowledge and digital possibilities, we designed a convenient and modern sales app for the salesforce

Basic-Comfort-Premium Portfolio


  • We developed two custody account environments: 1) competitive online brokerage accounts and 2) optimized accounts for advice-seeking customers ("old environment").
  • We created sophisticated fencing conditions to protect the current revenue while introducing attractive online brokerage conditions.
  • We designed a digital sales tool which enables the salesforce to easily select the right account. It also pushes value-selling by clearly communicating all services and values included in these accounts.


  • Significant reduction of churn rate
  • 50% more online transactions
  • 80% less special conditions