Banking & Financial Institutions
Retail & Business Banking

Company Profile

  • Leading Canadian retail bank
  • $24bn (2015)
  • $856bn (2015)

Situation and Objectives

  • Define a value-based mortgage product and pricing strategy to better compete in an oligopolistic market
  • Introduce digital value selling to shift and standardize sales conversations away from price negotiation
  • Introduce precision pricing

Product and Pricing Outcome


  • After the recommendations were launched, the results showed an improvement of ~8-10 bps in net interest income.
  • The cultural shift to value selling by frontline sales took hold with the assistance of a value selling communication tool, as well as a discretion guidance interface to help navigate the negotiation conversation.


  • 8-10 bps in net interest income
  • De-commoditized product portfolio
  • First in the market for digital value selling