At the intersection of the healthcare and consumer goods sectors, consumer healthcare is a dynamic industry with stable revenues and healthy margins. The industry attracts global players and specialized midsized companies. But even this healthy industry faces significant challenges: channel complexity, consolidation and the threat of private label goods, to name only a few.

We combine broad, long-standing expertise in global healthcare and the fast-moving consumer goods sector. For many years, Simon-Kucher has advised key stakeholders in these industries: healthcare providers, payers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical wholesalers and mass retailers. Our consumer healthcare team has the industry knowledge and the experience to help companies solve their market challenges, identify opportunities and improve business performance through superior marketing, sales and pricing strategies.

Because we’ve worked on projects around the world and have offices in 23 countries, we can provide local expertise and a thorough understanding of the unique challenges in each geographic market, such as the competitive environment, distribution landscape and market regulations.

Our consumer healthcare projects include:

  • Marketing and strategy: Growth strategy, switching RX to OTC, brand positioning, marketing efficiency and promotions
  • Pricing: Value-based portfolio pricing, price increase campaigns, trade term optimization
  • Sales: Route to market, sales effectiveness, major deal negotiations

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