"You want your consultant to come in with some preconceived thoughts but not hard and fast because you want flexibility. The consultants that I have met at Simon-Kucher have approached things in the right way. They start with a hypothesis, but they’re thoughtful and quite flexible and willing to evolve that hypothesis."

Murray Hennessy, CEO Great Wolf Resorts

“They did excellent work to help us to break one of the great myths in our organisation. They radically changed how we understood our core audience."

Chris Stibbs, CEO, The Economist Group

"Pricing strategy specialists"

Wall Street Journal

"Fantastic feedback and outstanding work team! Now we can truly start our journey!"

CFO, Seamless Payment Provider, Sweden

Simon-Kucher was a great partner during our research phase. We appreciated their support, expertise and partnership throughout the process of developing Uber Rewards.

Barney Harford
Former COO, Uber

Simonkucher : 战略

越来越多的颠覆性力量打乱了老牌公司的经营方式,同时为初创企业创造了空前的机会,在这种形势下,正确的战略比以往更加重要。 鉴于新技术的不断涌现和客户行为的急剧变化,不断审视和调整战略成为了必不可少的工作。