Pricing is by far the most important profit lever, but most companies hugely underestimate its impact. This fact is also underlined by the results of our biennially conducted Global Pricing Study: While price pressure and price wars are placing the world economy under increasing pressure, companies are less and less able to achieve the prices they need to be competitive in the future.



Our Global Pricing Study 2016 of 2,186 executives and managers from companies of 25 industries and over 40 countries revealed that each second company is involved in a price war. Increasing low-cost competition and clients' growing negotiation power are just two of the reasons for rising price pressure. Companies can counteract through effective price management.

The study is the only one of its kind. Respondents answer questions on their pricing strategies, price pressure, and the competitive environment. Each issue has its own special focus.

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Press release: Prices and digitalization: "Racing a carriage against a car"
Press release: Every second company involved in a price war
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We help our clients to avoid the pricing pitfalls and to harness their full growth and profit potential.

Simon-Kucher & Partners is the world’s leading pricing consultancy (according to The Economist, BusinessWeek and many others). We have conducted over 1,000 pricing optimization projects in the last three years alone. Our clients come from every industry, and there is almost no area of pricing that we haven’t examined.
Our pricing projects cover the following areas and more:

  • Pricing strategies for products, business units and companies
  • Innovative price and revenue models
  • Launch and post-launch pricing
  • Terms and conditions, discounts for channel partners
  • Price negotiations and key account pricing
  • International/global pricing
  • Pricing organization and processes
  • Price controlling and pricing KPIs
  • Comprehensive pricing excellence programs

Our pricing projects boost our clients’ return on sales by 100 to 500 basis points on average. To enable sustainable profit growth, we focus not only on developing price strategies and pricing tools, but also on helping our clients to implement them. Our experts have extensive implementation experience and use state-of-the-art training methods and tools to help clients maximize their growth, monetization and profits.

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