Case Study

Market opportunity assessment and engagement strategy for inclusion in immunization programs

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Understanding country-specific development of immunization programs is essential for their successful implementation.

As part of assessing the market opportunity for a vaccine, it is crucial to understand how countries translate new evidence for vaccines into favorable vaccine recommendations and what country-specific concerns/constraints may impede access.

Our client, a leading vaccine company, was looking for help to assess the market opportunity and policy developments for a maternal immunization across different countries.


Our team conducted a comprehensive assessment of the value drivers and barriers that influence vaccine recommendations through validation of internal hypotheses with relevant country-specific stakeholders.

First, we identified the value drivers for markets that have recently recommended a vaccine program and assessed barriers to recommendations in markets that do not recommend maternal vaccination.

Second, we pressure-tested our understanding of the triggers of recommendation decision-making and timing of inclusion in future immunization programs through one-on-one interviews with ex-policy makers and physicians.


We provided strategic guidance to increase the likelihood of a favorable vaccine recommendation by national immunization bodies.

For each country, we developed a stakeholder map for vaccine recommendation decisions and identified critical triggers for positive and negative immunization recommendation outcomes.


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