B2B outlook and trends for 2024


In the dynamic landscape of 2024, B2B companies have an optimistic outlook emerging from a turbulent 2023. Companies face exciting opportunities amidst global phenomena like macroeconomic shifts, innovation, evolving labour markets, and more.

Simon Kucher’s Commercial Trends Study delves into the opinions and views of over 1700 key stakeholders from various B2B industries. 

B2B Outlook:

  • Despite challenges, there is optimism, especially outside Europe, with Asia-Pacific and Americas expressing positivity.

Profit Expectations:

  • Six out of seven firms expect stable or increasing profits, with over 20% anticipating a +5% profit growth despite economic uncertainty.

Revenue and Profit Growth:

  • Confidence exists in revenue and profit growth for 2024, but costs are expected to increase, highlighting the importance of commercial excellence.

Mitigating Measures:

  • Companies are considering commercial measures as powerful mitigation strategies in response to the current macroeconomic environment.

Commercial Initiatives:

  • Adapting the commercial engine is a key area of focus, with a priority on improving the sales process and attracting talent.


  • While commercial actions are on the management agenda, companies still lack readiness in important areas, indicating the need for preparation to effectively implement planned initiatives.

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