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MoneyLIVE Summit

Wed Mars 6 - Thu Mars 7
Money Live Summit

Hosted in the FinTech capital of the world, MoneyLIVE Summit is the global payments and banking event bringing together industry leaders at the top of their game. This is where ground-breaking partnerships are forged, where innovation is accelerated and where the brightest ideas are born.

Our partner, Jon Causier from Financial Services Sector, will join the panel to discuss.

Savings products for a new interest rate paradigm

Together, with further experts, the panel will dive into key topics and answer core questions, such as: 

  • Future outlook on the housing market: how should banks prepare?
  • Rethinking business models in a high-interest economy: where do the opportunities lie?
  • From the resurgence of ISAs to new savings products: how is the savings landscape evolving in this high interest paradigm? 
  • Agile, pre-emptive, flexible: pivoting at speed in an unprecedented banking environment
  • Improving time to market: what are the key success factors?

Why attend?

Join forces with industry titans across the banking and payments ecosystem and gain unrivalled access to the visionaries driving real-world change in finance, from banks and FinTechs, to regulators and SuperApps.

Event details
  • In Person
  • Wed Mars 6 - Thu Mars 7
  • 09:00 - 18:00
  • QEII Centre, London


London, UK

QEII Centre


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