"Your analysis, output and execution reflected the very best of Simon-Kucher's brand and reputation. I look forward to continuing our partnership."

Head of Marketing, Agricultural Products Company, Western Europe

“They did excellent work to help us to break one of the great myths in our organisation. They radically changed how we understood our core audience."

Chris Stibbs, CEO, The Economist Group

"Simon-Kucher were very strategic and knowledgeable, and they had a very bespoke approach. I found them very humble, very detail-oriented, really trying to understand our problems, and I really enjoyed working with them."

Shawki Hassoun
VP, Head of Commercial Strategy and Partnerships, Clarivate Analytics

"You were the best consultants I have ever worked with. It was very easy to work with you, and you delivered everything you promised."

Software company, USA

"As a specialized consultancy with a clear focus, Simon-Kucher combines strategic expertise and implementation capabilities in a unique way. "


Member of the Executive Board
Bank Julius Baer & Co. Ltd.

"You're brilliant and well worth the money. I should have hired you two years ago. We will definitely work together again very soon."

Edward Kirathe
Founder and CEO Acorn Holdings Africa

Simonkucher : 关于我们

营收增长(TopLine Power®):这就是西蒙顾和所专注的。



从定价战略、客户细分、用户体验、产品设计和包装,到谈判技巧以及卓越销售,我们在各种增长变现领域拥有35年的丰富经验 。 我们是一家以定价为核心,同时专注于所有营收增长领域的成长型咨询公司。正如Philip Kotler(菲利普·科特勒)教授所说,“没有人比西蒙顾和更了解定价”。

我们以亲身实践和成果导向为荣。 我们会根据客户的特定需求定制解决方案,而不是采用一成不变的方法。与此同时,我们会在项目过程中提供支持,确保解决方案得以正确实施。客户的成功是衡量我们成功的最终标准。 


我们的核心价值观包括诚信、尊重、团队精神和创业精神,后者尤为重要。 我们的140多位合伙人不仅是公司的所有者,更是真正意义上的企业家,共同为公司业务成就和未来发展负责。