Wealth Management: Building a Winning Client Experience for Women


This Simon-Kucher study examines the investing and financial planning priorities of women residing in the US and Canada with annual household incomes between $150,000 and $1M+ and a net worth of between $150,000 and $100M+.

Women are getting wealthier at a significantly faster pace than men. Despite their rising economic status, women are investing 22 percent less of their wealth in financial instruments compared to their men counterparts, according to the study. There are a number of indicators to suggest that women remain an underserved client segment in wealth management.

How can financial institutions transform the client experience to improve how they acquire, retain, and engage women investors?

Key topics covered:

  • Women and their rapid rate of wealth accumulation
  • The missed revenue opportunity
  • Willingness-to-pay for premium advisory experiences
  • Women investors as a fast-growing, underserved client segment in the US and Canada
  • Gender differences as investors

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