Rethinking carbon to win commercial future

Rethink Carbon

Rethinking carbon: How Europe’s chemical companies can win their commercial future

Chemical industry executives are making sustainability their highest priority, according to our recent study. Meeting demands for more materials and more progress on sustainability will require a combination of innovation and marketing.

How a company makes the transition from fossil fuels to alternative sources – both in terms of feedstocks and energy – will determine its financial viability, its comparative and competitive advantages, and its ability to back up its sustainability claims and promises with tangible improvements.

Rethinking carbon is not only an innovation challenge, but also a marketing challenge. Innovation will require time, engineering capacity, and top talent to shift companies away from an asset base that consumes too much expensive energy and emits too much carbon.

Do you want to rethink carbon and redefine sustainability?

Simon-Kucher’s recent online panel study with 150 senior executives revealed that European companies have a unique opportunity to rethink carbon and redefine sustainability over the next three years and even the next three decades.

We recommend that business leaders urgently take the following actions, even as they face acute short-term risks from inflation and recession.

Building on these recommendations, Simon-Kucher helps companies develop market-based growth strategies and ecosystem strategies that take regulatory drivers (push) and direct customer and end-consumer preferences (pull) into account, along with long-term economic and competitive risks.

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