gian vahedi

Gian Vahedi

  • Partner
  • ドイツ・フランクフルト

About Gian

Gian is a partner in Simon-Kucher's Frankfurt office. Gian advises asset managers and asset servicing firms on how to achieve profitable and sustainable growth. He has over 10 years of experience in financial services, relying on deep industry expertise gained as a Key Account Manager at Invesco Asset Management and by advising leading asset and wealth management firms as a Principal at the Boston Consulting Group.

In the business realm, Gian specializes in various facets, including smart pricing in institutional and retail asset management, marketing effectiveness and efficiency, distribution excellence, distribution 2.0, retail investment strategy, building strategic partnerships, market entry strategies, as well as optimization of product development and product portfolio.

Prior to his consulting career, Gian completed a master’s degree in industrial engineering at Darmstadt University of Technology in collaboration with the University of Sydney and the Rozetta Institute in Sydney.