Steven Kiefer

Dr. Steven Kiefer

  • Director
  • Frankfurt, Germany
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About Steven

Steven Kiefer works as a Director within the Simon-Kucher Banking Practice with clients from the German regional banks pillar on sustainable growth strategies. His special concentration lies on the interconnection of customer centric marketing concepts and regulatory or risk management requirements.

Steven has worked for and within the German banking industry for more than 13 years. He started his career with bank apprenticeship in 2010 and was responsible mainly for NWI clients before he switched careers and started in consulting in 2016. After two years focusing completely on regulatory and risk management topics he went back to his roots and developed his skills and passion for sustainable growth and market related challenges.

Steven pursued several part-time studies while he persistently worked full-time to develop his practical knowledge and skills. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Frankfurt School of Finance and Management as well as an MBA from the University of Münster. For his PhD, that he is pursuing since 2021, he develops a customer centric approach to manage interest rate risks that arise from embedded options in bank products with the help of superior price- and product concepts and latest research results from behavioral economics.