Peter Harms

Über Peter

Peter Harms is a Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners, based out of the Boston and Munich offices.

As a global consultant, Peter works in B2B and B2C industries in North America, Europe, and Asia, specializing in pricing, sales, and value selling.

Peter helps his clients to better understand, quantify, and communicate the value they deliver to their customers. In his work, Peter is results-oriented and focuses on initiatives that are evidence-based and enable significant profit potential.

Peter’s ambition is to improve his clients’ capabilities in a sustainable, lasting, and transformative way.

Peter is a frequent speaker and author in the areas of pricing, sales, and value selling excellence. Peter also serves as a coach and has supported his clients in 50+ big deal negotiations, enabling double digit price increases in tough negotiations.

Peter studied business engineering at the University of Karlsruhe (TH), Germany, and has been with Simon-Kucher since 2001.

Please find below three quick self-diagnostic scorecards that will help you to kick-off your road to pricing, sales, and value selling excellence. Based on your entries, we will benchmark your company and share with you relevant improvement areas and next steps.

  1. Pricing Excellence Scorecard
  2. Pricing Negotiation Excellence Scorecard
  3. Sales Excellence Scorecard

Please find below a bit more information on how to support your sales team in selling more at higher prices.