London Business Breakfast Series

Margin mind-set: How to incentivise that extra push from your sales team
8:30 - 10:00
The Clubhouse, 20 St Andrew St, Holborn, EC41 3AG


Join us for the second TopLine Power Breakfast session this November, focused on Sales incentives and how a carefully designed incentive scheme can steer your salesforce to success.

Incentives often have significant financial impacts for both the business and the individual – both as a cost centre and value driver. Incentive design and communication is therefore key in setting up the Salesforce for value creation, whilst the risks of getting it wrong can be value destructive.

At this breakfast event we will discuss how Sales incentives can drive high performance Sales teams, covering topics such as:

  • Why and how to use incentives to capture sales opportunity
  • When and why to revise existing schemes already in place
  • How to adjust incentive functions and formulas to business cycles and market conditions
  • How to balance the needs for simplicity and consistency across different roles and teams

This session is relevant for Sales leaders who are directly involved in defining and managing sales incentive schemes, in roles such as VP of Sales, Head of Sales, Country Managers and Commercial Executives etc.