Winning sustainable consumers

Donnerstag, 1, Januar, 1970

“Sustainability is in demand” – as consumers embrace sustainability and demonstrate this in their purchase behavior, companies must transform and innovate their businesses in order to stay relevant. This requires an understanding of what drives consumer decision-making and their willingness to pay. And as the speed of change continues to accelerate, companies should act sooner rather than later.

To support companies along this journey, in 2021 and 2022 Simon-Kucher conducted our Global Sustainability Study, surveying more than 10,000 consumers across 17 countries. The representative study, which was designed to measure consumer attitudes toward global sustainability trends, the importance of sustainability, and willingness to pay for sustainability.

Companies can pinpoint the initiatives contextually fit for their organization based on insights from extensive research; showing trends to target from a commercial perspective.

Join us on February 9, 2023, from 08.30-10.30 to learn more about how to utilize the potential in the sustainability movement.

The presentation will focus on the following topics:

  • Key trends over the past year
  • Steps to succeed with commercializing sustainability
  • How others have made the sustainable commercial transformation
Why attend?

As the world’s number one Growth consultancy, Simon-Kucher help firms monetize sustainable offerings and services. In this session we will share latest insights on the importance of sustainability and discuss implications for organizations.

Event details
  • In Person
  • Donnerstag, 1, Januar, 1970
  • 08:30 - 10:30 CET
  • Sommerro, Sommerrogata 1, 0255 Oslo


Senior Partner
Copenhagen, Denmark



Sommerro, Sommerrogata 1, 0255 Oslo


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