Global Automotive Study: US Results

Consumers are excited and optimistic about emerging automotive technology.

However, traditional views and comfort levels are still testing how soon these trends will become a household standard.

The automotive industry is evolving faster than ever, and new automotive trends are constantly emerging. Driven by technological innovations, new market entrants, and ever-changing consumer attitudes, the industry must address the new realities that come with this evolution.

The Global Automotive Trends Study 2022 explores key trends developing today, to find out what consumers really want, what this means for the industry, and how this will progress in the coming years.


US Results

As part of the Global Study, we surveyed 1,529 consumers in the U.S. and share the results below in a downloadable infographic that outlines the trends shaping the future of mobility.

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See below for key trends that are driving U.S. consumers' car-buying decisions.

2022 Global Automotive Study Press Release: US Results
2022 Global Automotive Study Brochure

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