Gabor Kiss

Über Gabor

Gabor Kiss is a Partner in Simon-Kucher's Life Sciences practice. He studied Business Administration at the University of Würzburg, the Munich School of Management and the University of Burgundy, Dijon. Gabor received his Master’s degree in 2006 and joined Simon-Kucher shortly thereafter.

Gabor has worked in the life sciences industry since that time. He was located at Simon-Kucher’s headquarters in Bonn as well as in the San Francisco office before he finally moved to the Munich office in 2009.

Gabor has worked on numerous multinational projects, gaining extensive knowledge of the healthcare systems of various countries and a broad spectrum of therapeutic areas, including oncology, immunology/infectious diseases, rheumatology, ophthalmology, cardiology and respiratory diseases.

His consulting work at Simon-Kucher focuses on:

  • Developing international pricing & market access strategies for innovative pharmaceuticals
  • Developing early access planning and the development of market access roadmaps
  • Supporting clients to prepare for price negotiations with payers, especially within the AMNOG process in Germany

He is an expert in the German pharmaceutical market and has detailed knowledge of the German healthcare system and the AMNOG process. Gabor is a frequent speaker at international conferences.