Steffen Ulitzka

Über Steffen

Steffen Ulitzka is Partner at Simon-Kucher & Partners in the Competence Center for Banking.

Through his work on various projects, Ulitzka has acquired expertise on all topline related areas of retail and business banking. A focus of his work is the combination of behavioral economics, smart data and digital tools.

He creates innovative product/price offerings integrated in (digitalized) sales approaches for products like current accounts, savings/negative interest rates, mortgages, (business) loans, investment accounts etc. This also entails the implementation in client organizations including system integration, sales structures, customer segmentation as well as sales/negotiation training.

Steffen is the author of several articles in professional journals and a frequent speaker at conferences and seminars.

He holds a master’s degree with a focus on Marketing and Finance, having completed his business studies at WWU Muenster, University of Houston, and Fudan University in Shanghai.